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Terrafirma glype template

Terrafirma is a design by node thirty three designs that I have ported to glype. This design makes clever use of small images and CSS to make a beautiful yet fast loading design.
In addition to a left side main content area, Terrafirma also has a right sidebar that you can use for links to your network sites or a skyscraper ad. The theme also has a horizontal navigation bar for ad links or links to sub pages. The main colors of the theme are white background, black text and orange links.
The entire template from the meta tags right through to the footer is customizable using the included config.php file. You can edit this file manually or use the online customization tool. Things you can customize include various headings, the main textual description of the site, the right sidebar and more.
As with all the themes on this site terrafirma will work with glype versions 0.5x and 1.0


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